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How do I unblock websites in Chrome?

The huge amount of different content that Internet users access is not always useful. In some cases it is necessary to restrict access to specific services in different browsers (Yandex, Opera, Google Chrome). Blocking a particular site is not difficult if you follow a special algorithm.

Working with the operating system

If the user accesses the network from only one computer or laptop, it is possible to block at the operating system level. On Windows 7 and 8 versions it can be done via hosts file, storing information about IP addresses in local form. If the user has administrator rights, then he will need:

Log in to the PC using an account.

  1. Go to the folder C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts.
  2. Double click on activate the hosts.
  3. Select Notepad, click Ok.

If you are not able to edit the file, you can open the file through the context menu by using the right key of the manipulator.

The further locking procedure is as simple as possible. All you have to do is add a line at the end and enter the combination, and then the name of the site you want to block. The only thing you need to do is to close hosts, save the changes and reboot. An unlimited number of resources can be blocked in the same way.

Browser setup

Today's computers use a variety of browsers to access the Internet. Each of them can restrict access to certain resources. In the case of Google Chrome, you have to use the Block Site extension. After downloading it and installing it, it will be possible to block the site:

  • by address (there is an option to configure redirection);
  • by word;
  • by time.

Block Site also allows you to restrict access to the settings by means of a password and set blocking that functions in incognito mode.

To use any of the available functions of the extension, just right-click the manipulator on the open web page.

Block Site is compatible not only with Google Chrome, but also with the popular Yandex and Microsoft Edge browsers, which are equipped with Windows 10 computers.

Unlike other search engines, Opera has its own tools to help exclude you from visiting individual web pages. There is an item in the menu called "Contents". By opening it, it is easy to put a site on the list of undesirable sites.

In Internet Explorer, you can restrict access through "Browser Properties". You need to find the "Security" tab and activate the "Dangerous Sites" icon. You should then click on the "Sites" button below. This will bring up a window in which you will need to manually enter the names of undesirable resources, click "Add" and save the changes.

Using the router

Many people use a Wi-Fi router to create a wireless network at home. This device can also be used to block unwanted content. You will need to open a search engine and enter the address given in the router's instructions (in most cases it is a combination of ). After pressing Enter, you have to enter the name and password, which are also found in the user manual.

Then you need to enter the filters section, select the desired type (for example, by URL Filter), specify the name of the undesirable resource and save. Some routers allow you to block up to 256 sites. However, it is important to take the type of router and its settings into account when blocking up to 256 sites.

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